Movie Theaters in Biddeford Maine Reopen Under New Management

Movie theaters in Biddeford Maine are no longer a thing of the past. In fact, many of the town’s theaters are reopening under new management. Recently, Apple Cinemas decided to open theaters there, and the movie experience is as good as ever. Read on to learn about the new plans for the theaters. And stay tuned for upcoming events. You might even find a movie you missed at the nearby Apple Cinema.

List of Movie Theaters in Biddeford Maine

  1. Narrow Gauge Cinema
  2. Bridgton Twin Drive-In
  3. Flagship Premium Cinemas – Wells
  4. Smitty’s Cinema Windham
  5. The Skowhegan Stand Cinema
  6. Strand Theatre
  7. Reel Pizza Cinerama
  8. The Magic Lantern
  9. Railroad Square Cinema
  10. Saco Drive-In Theater

No showtimes

If you are looking for a showtime in a nearby movie theater, you may be in luck. Unfortunately, Smitty’s Cinema in Biddeford has decided to close. This closure will not affect its other locations in New Hampshire, and it plans to reopen as soon as it is safe to do so. If you already have a gift card for the theater, however, you can use it at any of the locations.

There are several drive-in movie theaters located within a reasonable driving distance of Biddeford. The most popular drive-in theater in Biddeford, Maine, is the Moore’s Theater. The Biddeford Theater opened in 1915. It was purchased in November 1915 by the Maine Theater Company, which opened the Central Theater on September 18, 1916. The Nickel Theater, City Theater, and Balsam Theater are all nearby as well.

The Central Theater burned down in January 1945, but it was rebuilt the next month and showed movies for the next 30 years. Various sources state that the theater had between 1100 and 1500 seats, depending on who you talked to. The Central Theater closed its doors in the late 1970s and was converted to a city police station.

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movie theaters in biddeford maine

Apple Cinemas to reopen theaters

While the announcement may be welcome news for the town, it does not mean that the movies will be back in the local theaters. Apple Cinemas is a company that values relationships with major institutional ownership groups, and is happy to have signed a master lease with a dominant entertainment landlord. Despite the shaky state of the movie theater business, the new owners plan to continue providing high-quality family entertainment in the community. While they are sensitive to the goodwill established by the previous operator, Apple Cinemas will be primarily focused on converting existing theaters into new movie houses.

The former Cinemagic theaters in Saco and Westbrook will be taken over by Apple Cinemas. The company closed the Cinemagic theaters in February, which included the cinema in Saco. Apple Cinemas will take over the Cinemagic locations in those towns and lease the remaining locations in Massachusetts and Connecticut to the company. It will also lease the Cinemagic theater in Saco and Westbrook from EPR Properties.

The news comes just as Cinemagic’s closures in western Massachusetts and Maine continue to cause unrest in the region. Apple Cinemas is hoping to revive the locations, and is actively hiring for positions at both theaters. It is the first time that a company from Massachusetts has opted to return to the states. That is a big win for residents of both Maine towns and the local movie theater industry.

The Smitty’s Cinema in Biddeford, Maine is a good example. It’s located at 420 Alfred Street and offers great family-friendly entertainment. A great movie experience with a meal will be enhanced by desserts or dinner with a movie. The new owners of the Smitty’s Cinema in Saco also plan to offer discounts, rewards, and other benefits for customers.

Smitty’s Cinema in Biddeford, Maine will be permanently closed after the closing of the movie theater in March 2020. The closures are due to concerns about the coronavirus pandemic. The Smitty’s Cinema Café will remain open. In the meantime, Smitty’s Cinema Cafe will remain open, as well. In addition to its movie theater, Smitty’s offers food and beverages, including $2 margaritas.

The Cinemagic Theatre in Westbrook, Maine is not among the reopening locations. The building’s owners, Joe Soley, has said they have had interest from other theater operators. But he feels that movies are the best use of the theater building. Soley’s decision to close the cinemas was a difficult one. A new owner will have to consider the needs of the town.

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movie theaters in biddeford maine

Shuttered theaters to reopen under new management

Two historic movie theaters are set to reopen in Biddeford, Maine under new management. The City Theater, which closed in 1963, and the nearby Opera House are scheduled to reopen on June 1. The opera house has been shut down for nearly 10 years, but a new management team is planning to restore the two historic theaters and bring them back to life.

The decision to close both theaters was a good way to bring the community closer together. Movies in Maine have become more expensive. While they still enjoy a loyal following, the economy has caused movie theaters to close across the country. Fortunately, the Save Our Stages Act is bringing some relief to these theaters. With $15 billion designated to arts and culture, the theaters are hoping to return to business this summer.

Cinemagic, which owns multiple movie theaters throughout New England, announced its closure. The decision didn’t affect any of its other theaters, which will reopen when it is safe. The company will honor gift cards at both theaters until they reopen, so the community will still have a choice of where to watch movies. If you have already visited the Biddeford theater, you may want to check out other movie theaters operated by the same company.

Another option for a movie theater in Biddeford is the McArthur Library. The library is an institution supported by the City of Biddeford, which is the oldest tax-supported library in Maine. The McArthur hosts regular free programs, including storytimes for kids and families, technology training for adults, and summer reading programs for babies. The reopened movie theaters should offer the same high quality services as the former movie theaters.

Meanwhile, Apple Cinemas has also closed multiple locations in Rhode Island and New Hampshire, and they’re hoping to revive the Biddeford theaters under new management. While it is difficult to predict when exactly these theaters will open, it’s good news for the city. The reopening of the movie theaters in Biddeford may be a welcome change for locals and visitors alike.

The company has announced plans to reopen the two closed movie theaters, which closed in 2009. The Biddeford Mill District was also included on the National Register of Historic Places in 2008. This historic district is the only remaining factory in the town to have a thriving downtown. The closure of the theaters in 2009 made the town’s Main Street Historic District more valuable, so the city is hoping to welcome the new owners.

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