Best of Frank Edward Songs

If you’re looking for the best of Frank Edward songs, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll take a look at His albums and singles to discover His music, and help you decide which ones you’ll enjoy. Whether you’re a fan of gospel music or just want to hear some of his greatest hits, you’ll find something you’ll love.

Best of Frank Edward Songs

List of best of Frank Edward Songs

  • I Love You Papa
  • If God be for Me
  • Amam Ni Yo Wa
  • Awesome Wonder
  • BOW
  • Burning and Shining
  • Changing Lives
  • Chords Progression
  • Chukwu Ebuka
  • Chukwu Mo Nso
  • Chukwu Okike
  • Don’t Cry!
  • Ebenebe Ebube
  • End of the World
  • Eze Eligwe
  • I Made it!
  • Afro Vibe Remix
  • Heaven Rocks
  • Redemption Dance
  • Happiness
  • Holy Believers Anthem
  • Loving the Way
  • No One Like You
  • Grateful ft. Don Moen
  • Hallelujah Meje
  • Hallelujah
  • Here to Sing
  • Holy is the Lamb
  • I Lift My Voice
  • I See You
  • I’ll Forever Sing
  • Idi Mma
  • Jesus Power
  • Kele Ya
  • Let the World Know
  • Lifted
  • Live Ministration at UNILAG
  • Love
  • Ibuchi
  • Mighty Ebube
  • Mighty Warrior
  • Mine Ruwe
  • Miracle God
  • Mojubare
  • Never Let You Down
  • Nganga
  • No Other Name
  • Nye Ya Ekele
  • Oba Awon Oba
  • Ode
  • Oghene Do
  • Ome Mma Remix
  • Omemma
  • Oyege
  • Oyoyo
  • Eze Ndi Nze
  • Feel Your Love
  • Celestial
  • Eze Eligwe
  • If Not For You
  • Chim Oh
  • Defender
  • I Cry Holy
  • Imela
  • Jesus
  • Me
  • Nara Kele
  • Oghene Doh
  • Opomulero
  • Oya
  • Praise
  • Sweet Spirit of God
  • Very Big God
  • We Worship You
  • You Are Good
  • Agam Enye Gi Ekele
  • Na You Oh
  • Okaka
  • Wetin You No Fit DO!
  • Praise Your Name
  • Stars We Are
  • Suddenly
  • Thy Will Be Done
  • Too Sweet
  • Under the Canopy
  • Unto the King
  • VIP
  • You Are too Good
  • You too dey Bless Me

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Frank Ugochukwu Edwards

Nigerian gospel singer and songwriter Frank Ugochukwu Edwards was born on 22 July 1989 in Enugu state. His father taught him to play the piano when he was young. His mother sold Okpa, a traditional Igbo dish, in the Enugu market. He would accompany her on her rounds during his school breaks and hawk food items to help support his family.

In his younger years, Frank Edwards idolized Don Moen. He would stand in CD stores in Enugu and listen to his videos. Today, he is 32 years old and has achieved fame and success for himself and his Christian music. He started singing when he was a child, and leveraged the Christ Embassy platform to establish himself among Nigeria’s greatest gospel singers. Listen to the best of Frank Ugochukwu Edwards songs to see if any of your favorite tracks have been overlooked.

While performing in churches and gospel concerts, Frank Ugochukwu Edwards has released several albums. In 2008, he released his first album, “Alive,” which had fourteen tracks. The next year, he released his sophomore album, “Angels on the Runway,” and has since released more than five albums. In 2011, he was nominated for gospel artiste of the year. In 2012, he won the award for best male gospel singer in West Africa.

With a career that spans over three decades, Frank Ugochukwu Edwards is one of Nigeria’s most influential contemporary gospel artists. He is also an accomplished singer-songwriter and has established a popular gospel music label with the likes of David Akinlade and Obey Ezekiel. The 29-year-old was born in Enugu State, Nigeria.

Best of Frank Edward Songs

His music

The Best of Frank Edward songs are among the finest from this Nigerian gospel singer. He is also the owner and author of Rocktown Records Music. Some of his hits include “Peaceful” and “Stay with Me.” Besides being a singer, he also plays keyboards and various musical instruments. He also mixes some of his songs with sounds from another musical instruments like the flute, violin, etc. His songs have won him many awards, including the “World Song Award.”

Known as a Christian contemporary singer from Enugu, Nigeria, Frank Edwards is an Igbo Nigerian. He has three albums to his credit. In 2008, he released his debut album, “Definition.” Honesty Music was responsible for its distribution. In 2010, Frank released “Angels on the Runway” and “Unlimited.”

During his early years, Frank Edwards was a poor boy who struggled to make ends meet. Now, he has become a global superstar by singing praises to God. He is now the head of Rock-town Records and a music producer. His catalog is packed with eight studio albums and many singles. Frank Edward songs will definitely become part of your playlist. There is no doubt about it. With the incredible talent of this young musician, you will find your favorite Frank Edward song. Just make sure to listen to all of them as you enjoy this collection.

The Best of Frank Edward songs are among the best gospel albums available in the market. The songs are not very well-known in Nigeria but are grossly under-recorded in the U.S. and abroad. He has also featured several gospel artistes on his albums. He also has his own record label, Rocktown Records, which houses a number of upcoming artiste, which you should listen to if you’re a fan of the genre.

Best of Frank Edward Songs

His albums

If you want to hear the best of Frank Edwards, you can download his mega mix. It’s free and will reach millions of people. But before you download it, you should know the songs that are featured on it. The songs are not just songs of praise and thanksgiving, but they also teach about the peace of mind in Christian life. You’ll be amazed by the songs in this compilation! They are a great introduction to the work of Frank Edwards, and you might even become a fan of his music!

If you love gospel music, you’ll love Frank Edward’s music! The Igbo singer hails from Enugu, Nigeria. He’s a member of Christ Embassy’s presidential band. His debut album was released in 2008 and featured 14 songs. It was distributed by Honesty Music. In 2010, he released his second album, “Angels on the Runway.” Since then, he has released more than five albums. Despite his adulation by Christian fans, Frank Edward’s music continues to be a popular selection of Christian radio stations.

If you’re looking for a gospel singer with a powerful voice, you can’t go wrong with Frank Edward. He has released 12 albums and countless singles. He has collaborated with several gospel stars including Nathaniel Bassey and Jeanine Zoe. He also runs a music label, Rocktown Records. And while he is single, there are rumors of a relationship between him and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s daughter, Sharon.

Born in Enugu state, Nigeria, Frank Edwards is a gospel singer and songwriter. He started playing music at a young age, while taking piano lessons from his father. As a teenager, he became a Christian. Today, Frank Edward’s songs are among the most popular in Nigeria and abroad. He is also known for playing various musical instruments. However, his greatest contribution to the Nigerian music industry is his ability to sing well.

Best of Frank Edward Songs

His singles

If you are searching for a new album, you might be wondering which songs from the Best of Frank Edward singles collection are worth buying. The prolific singer was born on 22 July 1989 in Enugu State. His real name is Frank Ugochukwu Edward. He grew up in the metropolis of Enugu. Many Nigerians use tribal names in addition to their English names. Hence, he has gained a global following.

Despite his widespread fame, Frank Edwards is not a household name in the United States. The Nigerian gospel singer is the founder of Rocktown Records, a record label devoted to promoting Christian music. He also plays several musical instruments and is a keyboardist for the gospel group of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. In addition to singing, Edwards also plays many different instruments, including the washboard and the harmonica.

Frank Edward’s early musical endeavors were centered around singing gospel songs. The gospel singer is said to sing only by God’s grace. His fans believe that he sings with the blessings of the Lord. His songs inspire people and have been translated into numerous languages. So, his best-known songs are gospel songs. However, despite his lack of commercial success, Frank Edward has continued to make an impact on the African music scene.

One of the Best Of Frank Edward singles is “The Best of Frank Edward” which features some of the singer’s most popular hits. Listen to it and decide which tracks you like best. He also offers several albums and singles. In addition to his gospel music career, Frank Edward is an entrepreneur, founded his own record label and is a well-known gospel music producer. Consequently, Frank Edwards’ net worth is estimated at about $600,000.

Best of Frank Edward Songs

His mega mix

If you love gospel music and would like to download his mega mix of best of Frank Edward songs, you should get this. It includes 30 gospel songs that will lift your soul in worship. It is also available for free download at the BOOMPLAY MUSIC website. Listen to His Mega Mix of Best of Frank Edward Songs and you’ll definitely feel blessed! There’s something for every listener. You can also get this mixtape to listen to at home and spread the gospel to the masses!

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