Debit card transaction without OTP in Nigeria

Their are some ways to make debit card transaction without OTP in Nigeria. Getting a One Time Password to complete a debit card transaction in Nigeria is easier than you think. Banks and online money transfer platforms send the password to your mobile number or email address. The security feature assumes that you are the owner of the bank account, and if this is not the case, you can’t transact with the card. But, what if you don’t have access to this information? How do you get around this?

debit card transaction without otp in nigeria

Different ways to make Debit card transaction without OTP in Nigeria

  • XCARET100
  • Yapi Kredi Internet Banking
  • PayStack
  • Flutterwave


XCARET100 is a payment application that allows you to make online transactions with your credit card without a one-time password. Just like any other online bank, you will need to input your credit card number, CVV, and expiration date to complete your transaction. Unlike other methods, you will not need to input an ATM pin or OTP. You can even use this payment method to make purchases on your mobile. All you have to do is download the app and follow its user-friendly interface to make your purchases.

In Nigeria, you may face this problem if you are unable to use your card for any online transactions. Fortunately, there are solutions to these problems. XCARET100 Apk, a free application for PC and Android, allows you to transfer money to a bank account without the need to enter your OTP or PIN. You can also load your account with money and make offline purchases without a PIN.

Another option to bypass your OTP is to download a hacking tool. The XCARET100 tool can be downloaded from various online spaces and can bypass bank security measures. It works by redirecting one-time passwords, which are normally sent to you by Nigerian banks and money transfer platforms. The software then redirects your OTP to an online space. Once you’ve successfully bypassed the security system, you can conduct online purchases with your credit or debit card.

Using this program, you’ll never have to worry about being cheated or ripped off. The software works without any risk, requiring only your card number, CvV, and expiration date to carry out the transaction. You can then move the funds to another account anonymously. XCARET100 App is a hacking tool for the Nigerian banking system that will help you make online purchases without OTP verification.

This application is free to download from the Internet. It comes with a permit key. When you download the program, it will launch automatically. You can download it onto other devices, such as a laptop or mobile phone. However, it will crash if you use it on the underlying gadget. That means you should use your latest antivirus and firewall software before attempting to make a transaction.

debit card transaction without otp in nigeria

Yapi Kredi Internet Banking

Yapi Kredi Internet Banking has made it possible for Nigerians to transact without having their OTP, which is mandatory for transactions using a debit card. The mobile version of the banking app allows customers to perform banking transactions on the go without having to make contact with a human being. The app also offers features that enable users to make QR code payments at POS terminals and in-car payments at Opet stations.

Yapi Kredi Internet Banking supports both credit and debit card transactions without requiring an OTP. You can set up automatic bill payment orders via telephone or Internet Banking. Yapi Kredi offers no-fees for automatic payments. You can also set an overdraft limit for these standing orders. If you forget your OTP, you can always contact their customer care line.

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Its popularity in Nigeria is not surprising considering the fact that the country’s population is rapidly expanding its mobile money market. As a result, PayStack has become an Apple Pay partner. Businesses can now accept payments from 380 million Apple Pay users across 60 countries. The company has also relaunched its ecommerce platform for sole entrepreneurs, introduced a subscription-based business feature, and expanded to vendors using WooCommerce.

The payment method used by PayStack in Nigeria is entirely safe. The company’s security is top-notch and has earned its PCI service provider level 1 certification. This method of payment requires a bank account number, the customer’s email address, and a two-factor authentication (typically, the date of birth) that verifies their identity. After confirming the payment, the customer is directed to a GT Bank internet banking page to complete the transaction.

Some online stores may not require OTP for online payments, which can frustrate shoppers. While most of these websites are international, you might have trouble finding a Nigerian retailer that will accept your card without OTP verification. In addition, be aware of fraudulent sites offering to bill your debit card without OTP. The best way to avoid them is to make your purchases in a local store instead. In addition to online shopping, you can buy hosting, domain names, and domain names.

It is important to note that the online payments process in Nigeria is still “patchy,” but it is slowly edging its way towards awesome. The growth of fintechs in Nigeria is concentrated in the mass market, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and affluent segments. The financial system is often confusing to digitally-savvy individuals. By offering a simple, intuitive experience, PayStack is an ideal solution for merchants looking for a fast, safe and hassle-free way to collect payments from customers.

Payment processing without OTP can be done safely if you follow some basic security guidelines. Despite the potential risk of scammers, many legitimate companies use payment processing without OTP. While many legitimate companies rely on this method, bad actors use ATM cloning machines. These devices are easily available on Amazon and AliExpress and can wire an OTP without the owner’s knowledge. If you are a Nigerian business owner, Flutterwave may be the best option.

debit card transaction without otp in nigeria


You can use Flutterwave to make online payments without having to enter your OTP. It can be a good alternative to PayPal in Nigeria if you do not want to use a credit card. Flutterwave has its largest operation center in Nigeria. In addition to Nigeria, the company also has operations in South Africa and Cameroon. Once you have integrated the payment gateway with your website, you can accept payments from your customers without having to enter your OTP.

The Flutterwave app allows you to send money to a friend or relative in Nigeria and other countries. Then, you can use it to buy and sell items. Flutterwave uses the 415 rate from the CBN for selling dollars and telling you that you can buy them for 415 from Wema Bank for the same price. It also supports QR codes and is free to download.

While a credit card has an OTP, a debit card does not. However, some debit cards are not set up to receive an OTP. If you are unsure of your card’s OTP capabilities, it’s worth contacting your bank. You can request your issuer to enable it. This will ensure that you never have to worry about having your card declined again! The Flutterwave debit card payment without otp in Nigeria is fast, secure, and convenient.

While there are no international sanctions against Nigeria, it’s possible that some of your cards will be blocked by the end of March. The reason for the blocking is unclear, but it is important to remember that the naira is a global currency and that the country may face sanctions for violations of rules. Nigeria’s financial intelligence unit, the NFIU, is a member of the Egmont Group, and it has warned that the EFCC could interfere with financial institutions in the country without proper oversight.

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