The Double Major in Psychology and Sociology

The double major in psychology and sociology opens up a world of career options. Graduates have found work in business, health care, education, and law. Others are entering the fields of counseling and social work. Some even go on to pursue graduate studies in the field. In fact, a recent graduate went on to pursue a law degree after completing a double major in psychology and sociology.

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Career opportunities

A double major in psychology and sociology opens up a number of career options. This combination of disciplines prepares students for a variety of jobs in a variety of sectors. Many psychology jobs require further qualification or training, but you can start your career by obtaining an Access to Higher Education Diploma or a Psy.D. before pursuing a Ph.D.

Careers as a sociologist can be lucrative and rewarding. Sociologists study human behavior, assess human problems, and develop treatment plans to address their underlying causes. They can also become guidance counselors. And even if you don’t intend to work as a psychologist, you can use your degree to start your career in human resources.

Students who double major in psychology and sociology can pursue careers in education, research, public policy, and more. These majors can combine psychological theory and research methods with criminology and the criminal justice system. Some courses in these disciplines focus on contemporary public policy issues. A double major in sociology and psychology can also qualify a student for a career as an investigative consultant, fraud investigator, or counterterrorism analyst.

Careers in management are another excellent choice for double majors in psychology and sociology. These positions require a combination of leadership skills, scientific thinking, and operational skills. As of 2017, management analysts make an average of $82,450 annually. If you’re looking for a career in this field, a double major in psychology and sociology could lead to a lucrative career.

A double major in social science and criminal justice will give you a broad knowledge of social forces and help you succeed in the criminal justice field. As a double major, you will have an advantage over other criminal justice students. With both majors, you’ll have a better chance of being hired by law firms and prosecutors.

If you’re planning to pursue a graduate degree, a double major in psychology and sociology will help you get an edge in the job market. A double major will allow you to pursue a variety of career options, including law, business, education, and social services. Moreover, a double major in sociology and gerontology will make you more marketable when it comes to securing a job.

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A double major in psychology and sociology provides students with a variety of career options. Recent graduates have entered the legal, business, health care, education, and counseling fields. Many of them also pursue graduate studies. Those who pursue graduate studies in these fields may end up being counselors or social workers.

The cost of a double major will depend on the number of classes required and the school requirements. Some double majors don’t need to double up on core studies, while others have minimum credits required. This is important to consider before making the decision to double major. While double majoring can help you gain a competitive edge in your career, it can also increase tuition costs.

Students with two majors will have more classes to take. In addition to the general education requirements, they will need to take all of the required classes for each major. In some cases, it can be challenging to complete both majors within the four-year time frame. As a result, students are advised to choose classes that will fulfill both requirements.

A double major in psychology and sociology will provide a well-rounded education. It will increase your job prospects and your negotiating power. If you’re applying for a job that has a wide salary range, having a double major could give you the upper hand. Studies have shown that people with double majors earn 3.2 percent more than those without.

In addition to the Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts degrees, students can also earn certificates and minors in these fields. Some universities also offer dual undergraduate and graduate credit hours to students who meet specific requirements. Additionally, students with a double major can qualify for the Accelerated Master’s Program.


Choosing a double major in psychology and sociology will open many doors for you. Recent graduates are entering law, medicine, business, education, and social work, among other fields. Many others are pursuing graduate school in counseling, social work, or psychology. In addition, students interested in pursuing a career in the nonprofit sector may benefit from a minor in sociology.

If you decide to double major in psychology and sociology, make sure to research your career options carefully. This will help you determine which courses you want to take and which ones will help you improve your chances of a good job. You can also find internships through the school or a private organization, which will help you get practical experience. Both types of experiences will improve your education, and they will help you stand out to graduate school admission officers.

A minor in another field is also a good option. A minor is a side study within your major. It can be especially helpful if you are planning to pursue graduate school. You can also pursue a related field, like business or law, as a side-track to your major. It is important to plan your time wisely to ensure that you complete all requirements for both majors.

The only downside of a double major is the fact that you’ll have to take a lot of introductory courses in your second major. To do so successfully, you’ll need to take at least 120 credits in the second major. Most universities offer these courses before your freshman year.

Another alternative to double majoring in psychology and sociology is to major in one of these fields and take a minor in another subject. For example, some students choose to major in business or music. Other students might decide to minor in something they’re interested in, such as graphic design or marketing. Another alternative to double majoring in psychology and sociology is to take an applied sociology program. These programs emphasize hands-on learning, inquiry, and practice. In addition, you’ll learn how to write scientifically, research, and present creatively.

If you’re still unsure which major you want to take, you should take introductory courses in both subjects and decide which one suits you best. You might find that you like both subjects and end up majoring in one or the other. If you’re not certain, you can change majors within your first or second year. However, you’ll need to complete some paperwork before you can switch your major.

Courses to take

Majoring in psychology or sociology offers many opportunities for growth and advancement in a variety of career fields. Both of these majors are considered liberal arts and are useful for a wide range of jobs, especially in the field of human resources. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that employment in life, physical, and social science occupations will increase by 10 percent from 2016 to 2026, which equates to over 125,000 new jobs. These are highly desirable occupations and pay well.

The Department of Psychology offers a wide range of courses for double majors. For example, students wishing to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology can complete an Integrated Social Studies program, which prepares them for a two-year provisional license. This program includes economics, geography, political science, and history, and gives students a thorough understanding of psychology. In addition, the program requires completion of a foreign language requirement.

A double major in psychology and sociology can lead to a career as a management analyst, where you’ll use scientific thinking to analyze organizational problems and devise strategies to improve their performance. This career requires leadership skills, as well as operational skills. In 2017, management analysts made an average salary of $82,450.

Because double majors typically have different requirements, it is important to choose courses that fulfill more than one requirement. For example, students with double majors should take Second Writing requirements in their major department and courses related to multicultural studies. This will help them complete their requirements for both majors.

Students who plan on becoming a psychologist or social workers can also pursue a minor in Law and Society. This minor will allow them to better understand the criminal justice system, and they may also find it useful for their future careers in the field. Furthermore, students who wish to enter the field of public policy can choose to double major in psychology and sociology.

Students who wish to pursue careers in criminology can also add a minor in criminal justice. They can also declare a minor in a related field, such as neuroscience. However, this may reduce their flexibility. While they can take classes for both fields, they may not have enough time for both.

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