How to Choose the Best Double Major With Economics

There are a number of benefits to double majoring in economics, accounting, finance, political science, or another subject. It can prepare you for real-life situations and prepare you to make informed decisions about money and consumer habits. In addition, a major in economics can help you become an advocate for policies that affect the economy, federal spending, or other fiscal matters. These skills are also relevant to current events.

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Business and Political Science

A Business and Political Science double major can be an excellent choice for people who are passionate about both fields. Taking both courses will prepare you for careers in business and government. Business and political science are interconnected and have many applications, such as in international business management. If you are interested in expanding your audience, and gaining knowledge about international and domestic politics, and how these topics affect each other, a double major in these subjects is the perfect option.

A Business and Political Science double major can also prepare you for a career in journalism. If you want to write for public and private media, a double major in the two disciplines can help you land the perfect job. You can then further specialize your career by obtaining a master’s degree in journalism or political science. In addition, many political science graduates are employed in the business sector. Among other things, they are often hired to work in public companies as management trainees.

The combined major in Business and Political Science combines the study of politics with an analysis of business practices. The two majors are closely related, and the combined major allows students to complete requirements in just 8 semesters. There are specific prerequisites for the two majors, including a number of required courses in each field.

Students may also choose to combine these subjects, such as Political Science and Economics. However, double majors in Political Science require a bit more discipline than a major and minor. However, they are more cost-effective and easy to calculate than a single major. If you want to pursue both, talk to your advisor about the details.

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If you have a passion for both fields, a double major is a perfect solution. This combination will prepare you for different fields and allow you to specialize in two different areas. By graduating with a single bachelor’s degree, you’ll have two sets of skills and can excel in both fields. In addition, you can take several elective classes and minors at the same time.

As a Political Science major, you must take three introductory political science courses. Generally, students must earn a minimum of a C grade in each of these courses to graduate. Additionally, you must complete a substantial paper in political science. This can be in the form of a BA Thesis or Long Paper.


An accounting double major is an excellent way to boost your career prospects. Not only can you increase your earning potential, but you can also sharpen your mathematical skills. This double major helps you to create compelling presentations and learn how to communicate effectively. This double major is also very flexible and can be combined with any other subject. For example, an accounting double major with law is ideal for aspiring lawyers and CPAs who want to specialize in taxation and auditing. Accounting graduates can also pursue specializations in commerce and industry, such as financial accounting and cost accounting. These skills can help you implement processes to help pension funds and other types of financial management.

Both economics and accounting majors require students to learn about monetary and financial systems, which complement one another. Both majors develop critical thinking skills and provide a solid understanding of the underlying philosophies behind the different aspects of the economy. Students with economics and accounting double major will be able to analyze business issues and make sound financial decisions. Students with a dual degree will also be better able to understand financial risks and how to invest money more wisely.

A degree in accounting and economics can be completed in four years. Upon completion of the degree, students are prepared to take the Certified Public Accountant exam. Applicants must complete at least 120 credits in both majors. In addition, they must earn a 3.0 GPA or higher to graduate.

Economics and accounting double major also provide a solid foundation in law, business administration, and ethics. It prepares students to enter lucrative fields in business and finance. A double major will also provide students with practical skills in communication and marketing. The double major will also help students gain a thorough understanding of the financial markets, which can help them outperform the market.

Another benefit of an accounting double major with economics is the added flexibility of two different areas of study. A student with a broad background in both areas is more attractive to employers. They can choose from various industries and jobs, depending on the nature of their skills.


A Marketing double major with economics will allow you to specialize in two different fields within the business world. If you are interested in running your own business, a dual degree can help you reach this goal. Both majors focus on the marketing of products and services and the processes involved in bringing them to consumers. In addition, a double major in marketing and economics will help you develop people skills that will help you manage other people.

A double major in economics and marketing prepares you for a variety of managerial positions in a business environment. Many jobs in economics require statistical analysis, and many large corporations seek economics graduates to create statistical models and make recommendations for their companies. Business analysts are expected to apply their statistical findings and turn them into actionable business plans for the companies they work for.

A double major in accounting and economics also helps you to become a finance professional. With this degree, you can understand the reasons behind shifting interest rates and how they affect cash flows. In addition, a double major in economics will also prepare you for a career in personal finance. In addition to being able to understand the financial outlook of businesses, double majoring in these fields will improve your chances of finding a rewarding job.

If you plan on completing a double major in economics and marketing, you should be aware that there is a limit to the number of duplicated credits you can earn. However, you can choose to double major in either or both fields as long as you satisfy all of the requirements of your primary major. Ideally, you should complete these prerequisites by the end of your sophomore year.

Another way to earn a dual degree is to double major in economics and communications. Both fields involve communication and research, which is vital for business success. A dual major will help you make smarter decisions when creating marketing campaigns. A double major in economics and communications will also help you become an effective communicator. The world is full of advertising. The two disciplines can help you make more accurate predictions about consumer behavior.


A double major in finance and economics is an excellent choice for students interested in the stock market and a career in the financial sector. Both of these fields provide a critical understanding of financial markets and give students a leg up in the job market. The combination of these two fields can lead to a rewarding career in investment banking, hedge funds, and other related ventures.

The double major in finance and economics focuses on the economic environment in which companies operate and the reactions of asset markets. It also examines the interaction between monetary policy and fiscal policy, and corporate strategies and market valuations. This degree program is accepted into the CFA Institute University Recognition Program.

The double major in finance and economics prepares students to make sound decisions within the financial sector. Students will understand the underlying factors that affect cash flows and the implications of shifting interest rates. They will also be better equipped to analyze the financial health of companies. They will also have the background to work in personal finance as a future financial planner.

A double major in economics and political science will also provide students with a broad understanding of economics and political systems. The combined knowledge will be valuable in the private and public sectors. The double major in economics and political science is a good option for students with a broad interest in thinking about complex issues.

The University of Texas at Dallas has an undergraduate degree program in finance and economics that combines these two disciplines. The Bachelor of Science in Finance and Economics program requires 120 credit hours for graduation and requires community service. Students are also required to complete internships at the university. The Career Center at the Naveen Jindal School of Management helps students find internship opportunities.

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