How to Know If Your Lawyer Is Screwing You Over

Are you wondering if your lawyer is screwing you over? Here are some signs you should be looking for. If you’re not getting a call back from your lawyer, he’s not doing his job. If he’s botching your case, you might want to consider filing a malpractice lawsuit against him. Also, if you feel that your lawyer is taking advantage of you, there are several ways to stop paying for services that you don’t need.

Signs that a lawyer isn’t doing his job

If you’ve been represented by a lawyer who ignores your phone calls and emails, you may want to look for other red flags. For one thing, an unresponsive attorney will not give your case the personal attention it deserves. It’s not uncommon for laws to change overnight. Real estate, commercial law, and class action lawsuits are all areas of the law that can change. If your lawyer doesn’t respond promptly to your calls and emails, you should consider finding another lawyer to represent you.

The most common problem clients report is a lack of communication. Even though modern technologies make it possible to communicate virtually instantly, many attorneys and clients fail to return calls. When you do get a return call, it’s likely that you’re talking to a paralegal or associate, instead of the attorney. A lawyer who fails to respond to your phone calls could be hiding something. If you suspect this behavior, it’s time to speak up.

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Screwing You

Ways to sue a lawyer for negligence or botching a case

A legal malpractice claim can be filed when a lawyer fails to meet the standard of care required by the legal profession. This standard requires a lawyer to exercise diligence, skill, and care in handling the client’s case. Not all mistakes are grounds for a lawsuit, but in certain cases, they may qualify. In Ohio, the time period to sue a lawyer begins when the client first discovers that the lawyer failed to meet this standard.

A lawsuit can be filed if a lawyer does not meet the standard of care and representation that one would reasonably expect from a legal professional. In order to prove that a lawyer did not meet the standard of care, a plaintiff must show that he or she could have done the job as well. Furthermore, the lawyer must have acted reasonably in the same circumstances. Besides, an attorney may have made harmless errors that do not constitute legal malpractice, and therefore do not merit a lawsuit.

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Screwing You

Signs that a lawyer won’t call you back

A lawyer may not call you back because he is focused on winning your case. Lawyers have limited time and can only do so much. If you are rude, pushy, or whiney, this is likely why he won’t call you back. A polite and courteous client will have better communication with a lawyer. You can’t expect your lawyer to give up on you.

It may be a sign of a psychiatric issue, substance abuse, or legal malpractice. If your lawyer refuses to answer your phone calls, it’s time to take action. You should send a letter documenting your frustrations and asking for a response from your lawyer by a specific date. This will give you the opportunity to investigate the situation further and decide whether you should pursue legal action.

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