How to play PC games on android without a PC

If you’re an avid PC gamer who wants to take your gaming experience to the next level but don’t have time or space for a separate PC and console, there are a few ways to play PC games on your Android device. The first is to use a gaming emulator like Cemu. This software allows you to play most PC games on your Android device by emulating a powerful computer inside of your phone or tablet.

What is the best way to play PC games on your android device without a PC?

There are a few different ways to play PC games on your Android device without a PC. One option is to use an emulator. Emulators allow you to run a copy of the Windows or Mac operating system on your Android device, so you can access your favorite games. There are several popular emulators available, including XBMC and Andyroid. Another option is to use a game streaming service.

These services allow you to stream games from your computer over the internet to your Android device. Some services, like PlayStation Now, require a subscription fee, but others, like Nvidia Shield TV GameStream, are free.

The last option is to purchase titles digitally and install them on your Android device. This method is more difficult than using an emulator or game streaming service, but it’s also more flexible since you can play any game that’s available in the Google Play store.

How to play PC games on android without a PC

What are emulators and what do they allow you to do?

Emulators allow you to play games on your computer that you could not otherwise because they are not available on that platform. They also allow you to play games that are not meant for android phones on an android phone.

These programs allow you to run the game code in a separate environment, usually, a Windows or Mac operating system, allowing you to bypass certain limitations placed on the original game. For example, an emulator can allow you to play a game on your Windows PC that was originally designed for use with a PlayStation console.

Some emulators also offer features that were not included in the original game. For example, many emulators include support for saving files and screenshot functionality. This allows you to take pictures of your gameplay and share them online with other players. Emulators can also be used to cheat in games by allowing you to access areas or levels that would normally be inaccessible.

Types of emulators

There are three main types of emulators: software, hardware, and virtual.

  • Software emulators run on your computer as a program. They mimic the behavior of an older game or application so that you can continue to use it even if you can’t find the original disk or cartridge.
  • Hardware emulators take the form of actual devices that plug into your computer. They allow you to play old games and applications on your current system without having to buy new software or hardware.
  • Virtual emulators are programs that run in your web browser. They simulate the environment of a specific game or application on a different platform, such as PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and more.

The Best Android Emulators: Options, Features, and Pros

Android emulators are powerful pieces of software that allow users to run different versions of Android on their computers or phone.  There are many different Android emulators to choose from, each with its own set of features and advantages. Here are the best Android emulators:


Bluestacks is one of the most popular Android emulators available. It has a wide range of features, including support for 3D games and HD videos. Bluestacks also has a very user-friendly interface, making it easy to get started

Nox App Player

Nox App Player is another popular Android emulator. It has a wide range of features, including support for 3D games and HD videos. Nox App Player also has a very user-friendly interface, making it easy to get started.

Google Play Services Emulator

Google Play Services Emulator is a software that allows users to run Android applications on their desktop or laptop computer. This emulator is made by Google and it is available for free from the Google Play Store. The emulator can be used to test apps, games, and other Android-based content before downloading them to a mobile device. The application also allows users to view and manage files stored on their computer as if they were on an Android device.


Genymotion is a virtual reality software that lets you experience different virtual worlds. The software was originally created for the iPhone, but it has since been ported to other platforms such as Android and Windows. Genymotion creates realistic environments by using three cameras: one to track your head, one to track your hands, and one to track your body. You can use this information to create a 3D model of yourself in the virtual world and control it with your hands or with a controller.

How to play PC games on android without a PC

The Downsides: How does this method work and what are the limitations?

If you’re looking to play your favorite PC games on your Android device, there are a few methods you can use.

The first option is to use emulation software like BlueStacks or PC Emulator Free. This method has the advantage of being able to run a wide variety of games, but it’s limited by the hardware capabilities of your device.

The second option is to use a gaming controller or gamepad connected directly to your Android device via USB. This method offers better control and performance than using emulation software, but it’s not as versatile since you need a specific type of controller or gamepad and most Android devices don’t have built-in support for them.

The last option is to connect your Android device to your computer via USB cable and use the computer’s keyboard and mouse to control the game.

The Upsides: What are the benefits of playing PC games on your Android device without a PC?

Playing games on your Android device without a PC can be a great way to get your gaming fix without having to invest in a new piece of hardware. Here are the key benefits:

  1. You can use your Android device as your primary gaming platform.
  2. No need to buy separate devices for gaming and entertainment.
  3. Games are usually cheaper to purchase and play on Android devices than on PCs.
  4. You can access more game genres than you would on a PC, including casual games and mobile strategy games.
  5. You don’t have to worry about compatibility issues since most Android devices are compatible with most game publishers’ titles.
  6. You can use your Android device as a portable gaming station when you’re away from home or work, making it an ideal solution for gamers on the go.

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Conclusion: Thoughts about playing PC games on Android devices without a PC?

PC gaming has been around for many years now, and for a lot of people, it is the perfect way to enjoy their favorite games. However, there are a lot of people who don’t have a PC and would love to be able to play their favorite games on their Android devices. Unfortunately, this is not always possible because most PC games are not available on Android. However, there are some great Android games that allow you to play PC games without a computer.

One of the best ways to enjoy PC gaming on your Android device is to use an emulator. Emulators allow you to run the exact same software that is used on a real PC, so all of your files and settings will be exactly the same. This means that you can use your own mouse and keyboard, which makes playing games much more comfortable than using touchscreen controls.

How to play PC games on android without a PC
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