Kohler Welder Generators

If you need a power source in a pinch, then Kohler welder generators are an excellent option. These gas powered machines come with features you may find useful. The COMMAND PRO III 9500, for instance, is a 3 in 1 gas powered generator, welder, and compressor. It can also serve as a portable fuel source for vehicles. Its impressive versatility makes it a popular choice for contractors, construction workers, and homeowners.


The Kohler COMMAND PRO III 9500 is a 3 in 1 gas welder, compressor, and generator. It is patented globally and is built to be rugged. Its 14 HP Kohler engine provides 115 PSI air pressure and an output of up to 50200 Amp DC for welding aluminum and steel. It comes with an air filter and is shipped directly from the manufacturer from Bristol, CT, USA.

The AMP(r) COMMAND® PRO III welder generator produces smooth, continuous DC output. The unit is rated for up to 200 Amps of smooth, clean power, and features a fine-adjustment control to optimize performance. It has two 115V 20 Amp receptacles and one 240V 30 Amp twist lock receptacle. The welder is also equipped with two 115V 20-Amp receptacles and a 240V 50-Amp plug.

Kohler Welder Generators


The SIP P200W-AC Kohler welder generation offers the user the convenience of portable power. With its 14hp Kohler OHV engine, the device can generate up to 200A of weld power and 7KVA of generator output. In addition, it comes with handles for easy portability. In addition, the unit is able to run both 230V and 110V devices, making it ideal for welding jobs on the go.

The SIP KP200W-AC-ES petrol welder generator features a large fuel tank. It can run for approximately 2.8 hours. Its efficient ignition system helps to save fuel. It is capable of welding up to 5mm diameter electrode and features IP21 protection and Class H insulation. For convenience, it also features an auxiliary power outlet. Welders can run on this generator while traveling to save time.

Kohler Welder Generators

Miller Trailblazer 325

The Miller Trailblazer 325 is a reliable, high-performance, and efficient welder generator. It offers a 100% duty cycle, a 12,000-watt AC output, and a Kohler 23.5-horsepower twin-cylinder gasoline engine. This welder is equipped with Auto-Speed technology, which matches engine speed to the welding load, reducing fuel consumption and noise while extending the life of the engine.

The Trailblazer welder generator features electronic fuel injection (EFI), which maximizes the air/fuel ratio and extends runtime while maintaining peak fuel efficiency. Compared to traditional welder/generators, EFI machines have an idle speed that enables you to plug in tools while the welder is idle, thereby saving fuel. The EFI machine is also 42 percent more efficient than carbureted units, which improves fuel efficiency. The EFI-equipped Miller welder generators can start reliably in all weather conditions, and the Auto-Speed(tm) technology enables you to adjust the generator’s speed based on tool power and workload.

A welder generator with a reversed airflow is a more compact and versatile machine than a conventional generator. This makes it easier to move from jobsite to jobsite. Another advantage is its reduced size and weight, making it ideal for work trucks and trailers. The machine is also equipped with Smart-Cor technology, including Wave Filter technology. This technology ensures the cleanest generator power available. In addition, the welder/generator power system eliminates the interplay between tools and the welding arc.

Unlike its predecessor, the Trailblazer welder has a quieter roar than its predecessor. The welder’s speed ramps up to 3,600 rpm after the power tool is shut down. The Miller Trailblazer 325 Kohler welder generator has a quiet sound of 65 decibels, which makes it ideal for work sites and other noisy environments.

Kohler Welder Generators

Bobcat 260

The Bobcat 260 Kohler welder/generator is a compact, fuel-efficient welder generator that is ideal for flux-cored welding and stick welding. This heavy-duty welder generator is designed to run quietly, keeping the jobsite safe while reducing fuel consumption. Its remote start/stop feature enables it to automatically turn off when not in use, minimizing noise and allowing for better jobsite safety. Its 12-gallon fuel tank provides ample power for welding jobs. This machine also features weld cables that are attached to a welder, which can make them extremely easy to move around a jobsite.

The EFI gasoline engine provides better performance and fuel economy over a carbureted engine. Electronic fuel injection optimizes the air/fuel ratio, resulting in longer runtimes and reduced emissions. This technology pays for itself in a few months of use. A Miller Remote Panel Kit is available for easier access to the output panels. It is also easy to start in cold weather, reducing slip and fall injuries.

Miller has developed a remote start/stop feature for the Bobcat 260 welder/generator. This feature enables the operator to turn off the machine remotely, reducing fuel consumption and emissions. The remote start/stop feature is also water-resistant and rugged. It comes with a three-year warranty. The Bobcat 260 welder/generator comes with one wireless start/stop fob, and additional units can be purchased separately.

Kohler Welder Generators
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