Narcissist spending habits

Narcissist spending habits are not good always because one of the worst characters to be around is a narcissist. Some of the most common narcissistic traits are grandiosity, superiority, a sense of entitlement, and a lack of empathy. Unfortunately, these traits have become more common in recent years. Even worse, people who don’t know about narcissism or are vulnerable to it, like people with low self-esteem, often don’t notice or don’t care about these traits.

I’ve discovered that narcissism is a maladaptive personality type that can have an effect on others who come into contact with it, especially when money is involved. Psychologists said that money is a tool used by narcissists to manipulate and dominate people in order to feel better about themselves. Below are the worst narcissist spending habits: 

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Narcissist spending habits

  1. They exhibit hypocrisy

Narcissism and hypocrisy go hand in hand because hypocrisy is a type of entitlement. Even if they are quick to impose the rules on everyone else, the majority of narcissists think they don’t apply to them. This is true for many different kinds of laws, including budgets. 
A narcissistic partner may spend lavishly on themselves and frequently overspend your combined budget, then accuse you of overspending because they don’t think it’s necessary. 

  1. They keep their financial affairs a secret

This can mean being vague about their financial situation with close friends and family, like how much money they earn or have saved.
They can make biased financial decisions and manipulate your sense of what you can afford as a marriage or family by keeping you in the dark. “Let me handle our finances so you won’t have to worry about them,” they would say.

This dynamic can also exist in the corporate world. “Since you’re the creative genius, I’ll manage the boring money stuff,” a narcissistic co-founder might casually say to you.

Narcissist spending habits
  1. They punish people financially

Money is frequently used by narcissists as a form of punishment. When you follow their wishes, they might give you money, but when they feel retaliated against, they might withhold it. This may seem unsettling, humiliating, and unclear. 
For instance, they can organize a lavish trip for your birthday and then, following a dispute, refuse to cover the necessary costs. You might even feel forced to play their game in order to maintain the stability of your home or place of business.

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  1. They cut corners on the necessities.

When it comes to self-serving, unnecessary spending (such as buying a fancy watch they can’t afford), narcissists can be grandiose, but they cut back on necessities (such as food, health care, and basic household items).

Because of this, individuals who are close to them might need to stealthily store money so they can take care of themselves. I frequently witness what I refer to as the “narcissistic survival skim.” Even if it could be terrible, it might seem more simple than arguing with the narcissist.

Narcissist spending habits
  1. They only give generously in public

Spending a lot of money on others might be a tactic used by narcissists to win over their admirers. For instance, they might be frugal in private but pay for dinner for coworkers or buy gifts as a show.

Because the perspective of the outside world differs from reality, this experience can be both lonely and irritating for the narcissist’s closest associate. Imagine hearing an angry husband complain about the “freeloading visitors” as he drives home from an expensive dinner with friends that he insisted on paying for.

This behavioral habit is also common in the workplace. Think about a CEO or business owner who pays their workers’ low wages but uses company money to fly first class and stay in five-star hotels.

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Tina M. commented on Quora “I was a single mother in need and didn’t have a car when I first met the Narc. I believed he had come to help. Looking back, what he did over the following three years is awful; he gave very little while taking a lot. He once snatched my wallet out of anger toward me. Even when he did buy me something, he only did it so he could shove it in my face, and I had to pay the price in more ways than one. He even ran the eatery where I volunteered my services. He wasn’t pleased when I was able to buy a car after losing one in my divorce. He most certainly wasn’t happy about my successes. He didn’t give a hoot if I ate because I always had food for him. He didn’t live with me, thank God. Without anyone’s assistance, I was able to dig myself out of a financial hole.

Recall that we only receive what we offer. On occasion, I would use my last dollar to buy him something. It’s okay that I gave to him when I could hardly feed my children because I am so blessed now. What is given, is given again. Narcs are egotistical, soulless beings.

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