What sauce can I add to dog food?

what sause can i add to dog food

Aside from meat, what sauce can I add to dog food? Here are a few popular choices: Veggie purees, Spaghetti sauce, and even some bone broth. Using the same guidelines as with human food, a dog can consume up to one cup per day of these sauces. For maximum benefit, choose organic sauces, which contain … Read more

Debit card transaction without OTP in Nigeria

debit card transaction without otp in nigeria

Their are some ways to make debit card transaction without OTP in Nigeria. Getting a One Time Password to complete a debit card transaction in Nigeria is easier than you think. Banks and online money transfer platforms send the password to your mobile number or email address. The security feature assumes that you are the … Read more

The world’s best army (US Army)

The world's best army

The world’s best army as at 2022 is the United States Army. The United States Army (USA) is a branch of the United States Armed Forces that is responsible for Land operations. The Army of the United States is one of the eight uniformed services of the United States, as defined by the United States … Read more

Development of a nation

Development of a nation

Development of a nation like Nigeria is best described as the good balanced growth of the nation’s various features and facets, including governmental, economic, cultural, social, technological, and material development. Development of a nation can also refers to a country’s ability to improve its citizens’ living standards. It can be accomplished by meeting fundamental livelihood … Read more

Do you believe on God? (Mythology in India)

Do you believe on God

Do you believe on God is a question asked everyday by people who are wants to know people’s stand in things of religion before engaging in business or serious relationship with them. Yes, I believe that is the straight answer sometimes, while some Indians would say No and others would not be sure of what … Read more

Is fiction real or fake?

is fiction real or fake

Fiction is a type of writing that is not based on reality but instead uses imagination to create an experience for the reader. The term “fiction” comes from the Latin word “fiction”, meaning “I make up,” therefore it is fake. The question of whether fiction is real or fake has been debated since ancient times. … Read more

Consignment box and consignment meaning

consignment box

Meaning of consignment box Consignment Box is a container or storage unit where goods sold and brought through consignment are used to deliver to the appropriate customers. If the goods are as big as a furniture, then it will be termed as a consignment furniture and it will definitely have a box like container that … Read more

What is the rarest name for a boy?

What is the rarest name for a boy

“What is the rarest name for a boy?”, is one of the questions a couple would ask if they just delivered a baby boy. There are plenty of fantastic and well-known baby boy names to choose from, such as David, Ben, and Michael. However, there are thousands of unusual baby names worth investigating, including distinctive … Read more

How to write playful banter on tumblr

How to write playful banter tumblr

There are lots of tips for writing banter. I was wondering if you know what banter is all about, and how to write playful banter. Notwithstanding, I will explain banter and then you would learn how to write playful banter on Tumblr. Meaning of banter Banter is an amusing, friendly way of teasing or joking … Read more

PTA Approved Car Tracker

PTA approved car tacker is any car tracker that has been approved by a telecommunication authority in Pakistan. In Pakistan, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is responsible for setting up, operating, and maintaining telecommunications systems, as well as providing telecommunications services, having its headquarters at Islamabad. These PTA approved car trackers are used for vehicle … Read more