Reasons Why Education Will Never Be As Expensive As Ignorance

The phrase “education will never be as expensive as ignorance” is often used to describe the value of college education, but it also refers to the negative cost of not getting a college education. Not only does not getting a college education lower one’s income, but it also limits one’s career opportunities. The quote was coined by Robert Orben, a comedian and writer who achieved worldwide fame.

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Ignorance is more costly than education

In North Korea, for example, the vast majority of the population is ignorant of the world around them. The government of North Korea spends a great deal of money to keep the population ignorant. Ignorance is more expensive than education. Ignorance is a dangerous thing. It can cause disasters if people don’t learn from their mistakes.

This quotation was originally intended to apply to formal education, such as a college education. Although the quote is referring to college education, it is a good illustration of the cost of not getting an education. Not only will you not get a degree, you will also have fewer career options and reduced income. This is a quote by Robert Orben, a successful writer.

It kills

Education has the power to cure many ills that plague mankind. It acts as a great sorter of the best brains, annually creating an aristocracy of worth. It also improves the minds of all citizens, thereby protecting the nation from corruption. It is therefore vital to invest in education.

Unfortunately, education is not cheap. Students have to pay tuition fees, buy gas to commute to school and make a big commitment to complete their degrees. For some students, paying for college can be impossible due to their parent’s inability to support them. Others must take out loans from banks to complete their studies.

It destroys

The cost of education is enormous. College students have to pay school fees, buy gas to get to school and make a commitment to study. For some students, this expense is prohibitive. Their parents are unable to support them financially, and they must seek loans from banks. However, the expense of education is not as high as the cost of ignorance.

Ignorance is a major source of disease. It ruins the lives of many people. In addition to being costly, it also causes a great deal of suffering. Moreover, most cancers are caused by ignorance. The more we learn, the less likely we are to become ill.

Educating children is necessary for many reasons. Besides providing them with skills for daily living, it helps them develop critical thinking and character. Those who don’t have a good education will most likely be dangerous to society. Not only will they become criminals, but they will also be a burden to the rest of us.

It costs more than education

Education costs a lot of money. Not only do you have to pay school fees, but you also need to buy gas to drive to school and devote yourself to studying. Unfortunately, some students can’t afford to go to college due to their parent’s inability to support them financially. Luckily, there are ways to get a student loan to pay for school.

Education is valuable. It opens doors to your dreams. It doesn’t necessarily have to be formal. In some cases, informal education is as valuable as formal education. Regardless of how you obtain it, you must have the right kind of education in order to realize your goals. Getting a good education takes time, focus, and determination. While education isn’t cheap, it’s more valuable than ignorance. So, make sure you make the investment and don’t let ignorance rob you of your future.

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