SIP 25167 KP200W AC Kohler Review and Price

If you’re looking for a petrol welder generator that can work wherever you go, the SIP 25167 KP200W AC Kohler is the one you should get. This generator is designed to give you the mobility you need to work, while providing auxiliary outputs for stand-alone use. Here’s a look at its features, price, and installation.

SIP 25167 KP200W-AC Kohler Welder Generator

The SIP 25167 KP200W AC Kohler Welder Generator is an impressive petrol-powered welder generator designed to provide welding power in various mobile applications. It comes with auxiliary outputs and is capable of working as a stand-alone generator. It is manufactured by SIP, a machinery manufacturer that also offers an impressive range of industrial machines. You will find equipment for metalworking, woodworking, and air compressors in the company’s catalogue.

The SIP 25167 KP200W AC Kohler Welder Generator has an excellent 7.3 litre fuel tank. The runtime of the unit is around 2.8 hours, which makes it the perfect tool for on-site work. Moreover, this model has an efficient ignition system, reducing the fuel consumption. The SIP 25167 KP200W AC Kohler Welder Generator review includes a complete breakdown of this machine’s features.

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P 25167 KP200W-AC Kohler Features

The SIP 25167 KP200W AC Kohler Welder Generator has a 14 HP Kohler OHV engine and a weld current range of 60-200 amps. It has a durable steel-forged crankshaft, cast iron cylinder bores, and tough Stelite faced exhaust valves. The unit has handle bars for maximum portability.

The 7.3-litre fuel tank provides a long runtime, with a maximum fuel consumption of 2.8 hours. The AC welder output supports electrode sizes from 1.6 to five mm, with a thickness range of 1.5 to 8 mm. The seven-kVA generator’s dual socket offers maximum flexibility and is ideally suited to on-site work.

P 25167 KP200W-AC Kohler Price

If you’re in the market for a petrol welder generator, consider the SIP 25167 KP200W AC Kohler Welder Generator. Its 14hp KOHLER OHV engine and 200A weld power make it an excellent choice for mobile welding applications. It also has auxiliary outputs for stand-alone use.

This model has a 7.3-litre fuel tank, which can run for 2.8 hours on a full tank. Its AC output allows welding of electrodes from 1.5 to five millimetres in thickness. It also features a 110V and 230V socket for maximum flexibility. The 7-kVA output is enough for most on-site work, and you’ll find it useful for other jobs, too.

P 25167 KP200W-AC Kohler Installation

SIP’s SIP P200W-AC KOHLER Welder Generator features a 14-horsepower Kohler OHV engine and delivers 200A of weld power. With its seven-kilowatt-hour generator output, it can be used both for portable welding applications and as a standalone unit. This unit also features an auxiliary output for stand-alone use. The SIP catalogue also includes metalworking and welding equipment. You can also browse the catalogue for other industrial machinery such as air compressors, lifts, heating, power, cleaning, and more.

SIP 25167 KP200W AC Kohler review
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