The world’s best army (US Army)

The world’s best army as at 2022 is the United States Army. The United States Army (USA) is a branch of the United States Armed Forces that is responsible for Land operations. The Army of the United States is one of the eight uniformed services of the United States, as defined by the United States Constitution.

The contemporary United States Army has its origins in the Continental Army, which was founded on June 14, 1775, to fight the American Revolutionary War (1775–1783) before the United States was established as a country. Following the Revolutionary War, the Confederate States of America established the United States Army on June 3, 1784, to replace the Continental Army, which had been abolished.

To maintain the United States’ peace, security, and defense, the Army organizes, trains, and equips active duty and Reserve soldiers. The United States Army is a uniformed force of the United States that is part of the Department of the Army, and is one of the Department of Defense’s three military agencies. The Secretary of the Army (SECARMY) is a civilian senior appointed civil official, while the Chief of Staff of the Army (CSA) is a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Details of the United States Army

WebsiteU.S. Army
Local Offices:Army Recruiter Locator Find Army Installations
Main Address:The Pentagon Washington, DC 20310
Government branch:Executive Department Sub-Office/Agency/Bureau
Contact:Contact the U.S. Army
Phone Number:1-703-695-6518
Parent agency:U.S. Department of Defense

Roles of the United States Army

  1. Rapid and persistent land combat
  2. Operations involving multiple weapons systems
  3. Wide-area security and combined arms maneuver
  4. Mechanized and armored operations
  5. Operation airborne and air attack
  6. Special missions
  7. Create and maintain a staging area for the joint force.
  8. On the ground, integrate national, multinational, and joint power.

The size of their personnel, National Guard, total uniformed personnel and regular army personnel is one of the reasons why they are the world’s best army. According to Wikipedia, in 2021 they had about 485,000 regular Army personnel, 485,000 Regular Army personnel ,  336,000 Army National Guard personnel, 189,500 Army Reserve personnel , And as at  2020, they had 1,005,725 total uniformed personnel, 252,747 civilian personnel and 4,406 crewed aircraft.

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The United States army being the world’s best army is so much organized in their ceremonial activities. They have signs and symbols that they are known with. Their official colors are black, gold and white. Their marching song is “The Army Goes Rolling Along” which is also known as the army song. The music of their march was composed by John Philip Sousa in 1917 while the lyrics of the song was written by Harold W. Arberg in 1956.

United States army commanders as at May, 2022)

Commander-in-ChiefPresident Joe Biden
Secretary of DefenseLloyd Austin
Secretary of the ArmyChristine Wormuth
Chief of StaffGEN James C. McConville
Vice Chief of StaffGEN Joseph M. Martin
Sergeant Major of the ArmySMA Michael A. Grinston
The world's best army

History of the United States Army (Journey to becoming the world’s best army)

It was the congress that started the US military of the US Army. President George Washington encouraged Congress on August 7, 1789, to develop “some regular and effective organization” for the military, “on which the honor, safety, and well-being of our country so obviously and basically rely.” Three days later, he made a second request for action.

The Continental Army, the first regular U.S. fighting organization, was created by the Second Continental Congress on June 14, 1775, in the early months of the American Revolution. It was made up of the 22,000 militia troops besieging Boston at the time, as well as an extra 5,000 militias in New York. It was handed over to a five-person civilian board, and US military forces have been under civilian administration ever since. On July 3, 1775, George Washington formally assumed command of these colonial troops, and he quickly realized that the militiamen were accustomed to returning home once a specific threat had passed.

In response to Washington’s urgent appeals, the Continental Congress established a single standing force drawn from all of the colonies, distinct from the various colonial militias, in January 1776. These “Continentals” were enlisted for longer periods of time and had more rigorous training than the militias; they supplied Washington with a small but steady nucleus with which to operate and proved to be his main source of support throughout the war’s worst hours. They were the first regular army soldiers which would be the world’s best army today.

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The Continental Congress requested Washington’s ideas for a peacetime armed force as the Revolution came to an end. In response, he wrote Sentiments on a Peace Establishment (May 1, 1783), a broad appraisal of the new country’s strategic condition. To deal with Indian threats and provide a nucleus for expansion by “a well-organized militia” in times of foreign war, Washington considered that the US only needed a small regular army. Instead of the separate states’ independent and heterogeneous militia forces, which had proven so unreliable during the Revolution, Washington proposed that the state contingents be organized as elements of a single national militia, with uniform training and equipment.

He also advocated for the formation of a military school system, as well as the growth of war industries and arsenals. Congress dismissed this model for a national military policy, and the army was disbanded on November 2, 1783, with the exception of “twenty-five privates to guard the stores at Fort Pitt and fifty-five privates to watch the stores at West Point.” However, Indian unrest on the frontier required an augmentation in the standing force almost immediately. There were 595 men in duty when Washington was sworn in as president in 1789. These 595 grew to more than a million men to for the world’s best army today.

The military forces were put under the supervision of the president as commander in chief under the Constitution (1787), and the civilian Department of War was founded to handle the military forces in 1789. One of the first assignments Washington gave to his secretary of war, Maj. Gen. Henry Knox, was to draft legislation for a military policy based on his Sentiments. The Militia Act of 1792 rejected the main part of this proposed legislation: the construction of a centrally regulated militia system.

The politicians made this decision partially out of fear that Knox’s proposal would consolidate too much authority in the hands of the federal government, and partly out of fear that centralization would erode state militia chiefs’ influence and prestige. However, Washington was able to persuade Congress to increase the size of the small regular army in order to deal with the growing Indian unrest on the frontier.

Until 1812, the army underwent rapid expansion and contraction in response to the immediacy of Indian and foreign threats. It went from a single regiment in 1789 to three in 1791, five in 1792 (after Saint Clair’s Defeat), nine in 1798 (during the XYZ Affair and quasi-war with France), six in 1800, and three in 1802, and 11 in 1808.

The Militia Act of 1792’s weakness was plainly demonstrated during the War of 1812. Approximately 60,000 troops served in the regular army during the war’s nearly three years. This force was pitted against 70,000 British regulars, 2,000 efficient Canadian militia, and roughly 10,000 Indians, many of whom were members of Tecumseh’s confederation. Nearly 460,000 American militiamen were armed at one point or another, although few saw combat. The 6,500 militiamen at Bladensburg, Maryland, who were tasked with defending the national capital but fled in fright after one fire from 1,500 British regulars, were an example of those who did see battle.

The regular army was reduced to 10,000 troops following the War of 1812, and then to 6,127 men in 1821. It progressively increased to 7,958 by 1838, when the Second Seminole War and the western frontier growth prompted Congress to sanction an increase to 12,577. The army was reduced to 8,613 men (occupying over 100 locations) after the end of the Second Seminole War in 1842, and that was its authorized strength at the commencement of the Mexican-American War in 1846.

In 1917, the United States enlisted as an “Associated Power” to fight with Britain, France, Russia, Italy, and the other Allies in World War I. The United States dispatched troops to the Western Front, where they took part in the final offensives of the war. The army reduced its forces once more after the November 1918 ceasefire.

The world's best army

In 1939, the Army’s strength was estimated to be between 174,000 and 200,000 soldiers, far less than Portugal’s, which was ranked 17th or 19th in the world. In September 1939, General George C. Marshall was appointed Army Chief of Staff and started about growing and modernizing the Army in preparation for war.

After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941, the United States entered World War II. 416,800 US soldiers and military men died in WW2. Approximately 11 million Americans were expected to participate in various Army missions. On the European front, US Army personnel made up a large part of the forces that landed in French North Africa and captured Tunisia, then marched on to Sicily and fought in Italy. Millions of US Army men played a key role in the June 1944 landings in northern France, as well as the following liberation of Europe and destruction of Nazi Germany.

The United States Armed Forces are often regarded as the strongest and the most powerful force in the world. They strong because of the level of investment they do in regards to their military affairs. In 2019, the United States’ military budget was US$693 billion, the highest in the world. In 2018, this amounted to 36 percent of global defense spending.

List of wars involving US Army

The US Army has been in 12 major armed conflicts or wars. Below is the list of the 12 major conflicts with one other ongoing war.

  • American Revolution (1775-1783)
  • War of 1812 (1812-1815)
  • Indian Wars (approx. 1817-1898)
  • Mexican War (1846-1848)
  • Civil War (1861-1865)
  • Spanish-American War (1898-1902)
  • World War I (1917-1918)
  • World War II (1941 –1945)
  • Korean War (1950-1953)
  • Vietnam War (1964-1975)
  • Desert Shield/Desert Storm (1990-1991)
  • Global War on Terror (Oct 2001 )

The above list was sourced from the Department of Defense (DOD).

Has the US Army ever lost a war?

The fall of Afghanistan’s marks the first time the US military has obviously lost a war fought entirely by volunteers. This setback will have numerous strategic ramifications, but it may also have a negative impact on the country’s all-volunteer military.

Afghanistan is so hard to conquer because Afghanistan is a landlocked country, the one and only way to get there is by road or air. The high peaks of the Hindu Kush mountain range, which comprise 75% of Afghanistan’s total territory, are the second, and most likely, most significant, barrier.

The US has been invaded physically on three occasions: once during the War of 1812, once during the Mexican–American War, numerous times during the Mexican Border War, and three times during World War II, two of which were air attacks on American soil.

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