Why do narcissists discard wives and refuse divorce?

A narcissist may discard a wife or partner and refuse divorce because they find them inconvenient or challenging, yet they would not like another man or woman to have a taste of their partner. They may be jealous when their spouse looks at another man, or they may become jealous when their spouse seeks the company of a third party.  If you find yourself in such a situation, please seek advice from a qualified mental health professional. There is a tendency to blame others for their own problems.

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For example, if you are feeling depressed and lonely, it may be difficult to understand your own feelings; you may attribute your lack of happiness to the fact that someone else made you unhappy. The problem is that it may not be your fault.  There are many factors, such as the type of relationship you have with your spouse and the health of your family, that affect how happy you feel. If you are feeling depressed, please seek help from a qualified mental health professional about these issues.

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Why do narcissists discard wives and refuse divorce

The Narcissist’s Ego: the narcissist’s view of themselves is always more important than the needs of others.

Narcissists are notorious for their need for admiration, attention, and control. When they don’t have these things from those around them, they feel insecure and start to devalue themselves. This can lead to Behaviour that is detrimental to both the narcissist and their loved ones.

The Narcissist’s Ego is always more important than the needs of others. The narcissist may discard a wife or husband because they don’t think they are worth the bother, rather than because their needs were not met. If someone doesn’t meet the narcissist’s needs, it can drive them into a rage and/or create distance between them and family members. It’s important to remember that narcissists are people too – just like everyone else has feelings, emotions and needs!

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Rejection and Abandonment

A narcissist may discard a wife or partner because they are not compatible with their own needs. The narcissist may be very hurt if a partner does not meet the narcissist’s needs and is therefore rejected by them. If a partner has been rejected, the narcissist will feel even more hurt and abandon them.

Why do narcissists discard wives and refuse divorce

The Narcissist’s Passion and Temperament

The narcissist is often passionate but never concerned about others. This is because the narcissist has no empathy or concern for others. They will also never give thanks to anyone, as they are always thinking of themselves.

The narcissist’s passion can become extreme and obsessive. He may also start to show off and feel very superior, as he is not concerned about anyone else. He will also be very arrogant. The narcissist’s obsession with being popular often requires him to do something that is quite outrageous or demonstrates his superiority.

The Narcissist’s Sex Drive

The narcissist is often sexually promiscuous but never sacrificial. The narcissist’s need for attention and the fact that he has no boundaries means that he is unable to satisfy other people sexually. He will often use sex as a way of getting what he wants from women, regardless of whether it is morally acceptable.

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