Why do narcissists want to keep you around?

Narcissists often seek to keep people around because they find them valuable. narcissists place a great deal of value on themselves and their own opinions and feel that by keeping others around, they can maintain control over these opinions. Additionally, narcissists often enjoy being in control and using others as tools to achieve their goals.

Narcissists have a deep-seated need to be in control and have an audience. When they’re not getting what they want, they lash out with anger, manipulation, and even violence. Narcissists often use their victims as shields from reality or as pawns in their game of power play.

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Narcissists often seek to maintain a sense of control over their victims, often through manipulating and manipulating their emotions. In order to do this, narcissists often rely on the idea that they are indispensable, important, and deserve credit for everything. In order to maintain your dependency, narcissists may continuously give you things that you don’t need or want or may promise things that you can’t keep.

Why do narcissists want to keep you around

Narcissists often seek to keep people around because they find them valuable

Narcissists often seek to keep people around because they find them valuable. They think that by keeping them around, they can control and manipulate them. Some narcissists may even feel that they need people around to feel complete and fulfilled. However, this could be false or it may not be accurate. Narcissists often need others to validate their own feelings and opinions, but this does not mean that they are required others to have total control over them.

They do not need anyone in their life for happiness or fulfillment. Narcissists often feel that they need you around to provide them with attention and validation. This can lead to a feeling of importance or security in the narcissist’s life. Narcissists also believe that if they keep you around, it will make them more responsible and effective in their lives.

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Types of Narcissists

The three most common types are those who have a chip on their shoulder, those who are needy and clingy, and those who are Grandiose.

All three types of narcissists need to know that they are special and unique. They also need approval and admiration from others, so they tend to be very competitive. Narcissistic personalities often get a bad reputation for arrogance, coldness, and not taking anyone into consideration when making decisions.

Why do narcissists want to keep you around

The Biggest Pitfalls of Narcissistic Personality Disorder Most people with narcissistic personality disorder get the best out of life, but they often miss out on the most important parts of it. They also tend to have problems with relationships, jobs, and finances. They become overly self-important and can get caught up in their own narcissism. One way to avoid these problems is to learn how to spot them early on.

How do I Spot a Narcissist?

There are a few ways to spot a narcissist. The first way is to look for signs that they may be having problems with self-esteem or self-worth. When they feel like they are not good enough, it can lead to them being critical of themselves and others in general. They may also be anxious or depressed and try to control everything around them.

If you notice that they are always doing their own thing, it is likely that they are a narcissist. Another way to spot a narcissist is by their detachment from others. When they do not show interest in other people or activities, it can be an indication that they are a narcissist. Finally, you can spot a narcissist by their lack of empathy. This means that they only care about themselves and do not care about other people.

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How Narcissists Use People: They use people for their own gain or pleasure

Narcissists use people for their own gain and pleasure. They are often lately self-absorbed and need people around them to feel important or wanted. When someone is around a narcissist, they can be very manipulative. They will try to control and manipulate the person, making them do what they want without any input from the person. This can lead to problems because narcissist usually has their own agenda and wants the person around them to benefit only themselves.

Why do narcissists want to keep you around

10 Signs that someone is a Narcissist

  1. They constantly criticize or Shame you, even if it’s in secret
  2. They are constantly looking for ways to control you
  3. They focus on their own needs and not yours
  4. They will manipulate and control you emotionally (even when they don’t mean to)
  5. You feel like you’re always at the mercy of them – no matter what happens
  6. You feel like everything is a competition between them and you
  7. You feel like your feelings are never taken seriously or considered
  8. You feel like you’re the only one in the world who feels this way about them
  9. They are always doing things to try to make you feel guilty and depressed
  10. You feel like it’s in your best interest to keep a low profile because your feelings are so personal
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