Why do short guys drive big trucks?

There are a few reasons why short guys drive big trucks. First, they know that there is no one who can physically overpower them, so they take risks and drive aggressively. Shorter drivers are often more agile and nimble, which can come in handy when maneuvering a big vehicle. As smaller drivers tend to be cheaper to employ, companies may be inclined to give them the job of driving big trucks.

The physical demands of truck driving

Every day, short men undertake physical challenges that are unique and often times grueling. To become a professional truck driver, you must be physically fit and able to handle the extreme conditions that can exist on the road.

The Physical Demands of Truck Driving:

  • You need strong quadriceps and hamstrings to maneuver your rig around tight corners and through steep inclines.
  • You need good balance and agility to keep from getting knocked down by trucks or other drivers.
  • Your hands have to be nimble enough to operate the controls of your truck in all weather conditions, from blistering heat to ice-cold rain.
  • Your lungs must be able to breathe in cold air and fumes without feeling overwhelmed.
Why do short guys drive big trucks

The psychological demands of truck driving

Short men have long been known to face discrimination in a number of areas of life. This includes the psychological demands of truck driving. A study published in The International Journal of Human Resource Management found that short truck drivers are more likely to experience mental health problems such as stress, depression, and anxiety than their taller counterparts.

The study surveyed 407 drivers who were between 5’4” and 6’1” about their experiences with the job. They found that short drivers are significantly more likely to suffer from stress-related disorders than taller drivers. Short drivers also reported higher levels of depression and anxiety, even after taking into account other factors such as age, years of driving, and experience driving trucks.

The researchers suggest that the psychological challenges faced by short truck drivers may be exacerbated by social isolation and the feeling of being undervalued.

The economic demands of truck driving

There are many challenges that come with being a short guy in the workforce. Studies have found that short men face more economic challenges than their taller counterparts. Some of these challenges include: earning less money, having fewer opportunities for promotions, and having to work harder to be taken seriously. Short men also report higher levels of stress and anxiety than taller men. All of these factors can add up to create significant disadvantages in the workforce.

Yet despite these challenges, there are still some jobs that are better suited for shorter men. Truck driving is one such profession. This is because truck drivers need to be highly mobile and able to handle physically demanding tasks. These traits are typically more common among shorter people, which can give them an advantage in the job market.

Despite the challenges faced by short guys in the workforce, there are still options available for them if they want them.

Why do short guys drive big trucks

What short guys can learn from big truck drivers

Short guys can learn a lot from big truck drivers. For one, these men have a lot of experience. They’ve probably driven for hours at a time, and they know how to handle the vehicle. Plus, they’re used to dealing with difficult roads and other obstacles.

Another thing short guys can learn from big truck drivers is their sense of humor. They often have great stories to tell, and they know how to put things in perspective. This is especially important for short guys who might feel like they don’t fit in anywhere else. Big truck drivers can show them that there are plenty of opportunities out there, no matter what size you are.


There are a few reasons why short guys might drive big trucks. First, because they can. Second, they may have to in order to get the job done. Third, because some companies require it. Fourth, because it can be more comfortable for them. Fifth, they may have a more positive attitude towards truck driving. Ultimately, whether or not a short guy chooses to drive a big truck is up to him and his own personal preferences.

Why do short guys drive big trucks
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